From Drugs to Christ

Peter Orasuk- front3Does life have any real meaning or purpose? Why are we here? In my search for the answer to these questions, I turned to drugs. I won’t go into the things I did to support my drug habit. I am ashamed of them, even though all my sins are under the blood of Christ and that one Great Sacrifice at Calvary has made me perfect in the sight of God.

Hopeless Addict
I was married when I was twenty years old and brought my wife into my misery. To make things worse, we had a little girl. By that time I knew I was a hopeless addict. All I had to look forward to was to be found in an alley with an overdose.One day a lady called to take our daughter to some children’s meetings. I asked her what she was. She said, “I am a Christian.” She told me that the Lord Jesus had died to take the punishment for her sins, and at the moment she trusted Him,  she became one of Christ’s, and that meant a Christian.

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